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Experience – Not the Best Teacher When You Have to Experience It

Experience – Not the Best Teacher When You Have to Experience It
Experience - Not the Best Teacher When You Have to Experience It

“Experience is the best teacher” so they say. I have heard that since I was little and I have cultivated with it. But life has taught me another lesson altogether: that I don’t have to experience everything to find out. Imagine being told that driving in a particular way can result in a fatal accident and even seeing someone driving like that and dying and you still wait for the day you shall go through it to understand. So funny to assume I guess.

Experiences come in two variations: your personal experiences along with other people’s experiences. For me, others’ experiences teach me many more as there are some experiences you are going to move through and you’ll not live to master the lessons!

If without any reason we’ve got had a cause to move through some experiences, they can teach us some lessons we will never forget. However, a wiser move to make is always to study the lives of other people and learn from their unique experiences. This is so that even if we’ve to go through the same experience, we’re going to discover the easiest way of going about it yet still emerge not shattered.

One of the negative reasons for having the teenage life’s the shortcoming of the teenagers to master from your experiences with the people that were once like them making bad mistakes that almost ruined their lives. You find the teenagers jumping directly into what their older ones do and finding yourself exactly like them. Yet, many of us become teenagers whenever we refuse to master from people’s lives. Imagine you knew of someone that did business and went about it inside the particular way you will need to about this, as well as the business failed and you are still head-long to the same business, within the same way and you also think you will not obtain the same result. When you finally get the same result then you study from your mistakes and claim that experience has taught you. The wiser move to make ended up being to have studied what is the other person did wrong after which, do it properly. That is gaining knowledge through someone’s experience and utilizing it wisely.

The experiences you’ve got must be because you were lacking any clue on how to carry out a certain thing, and never as you were blind to somewhere you may have learned from. Another person’s experience needs to be much more helpful tips for you and doesn’t wait till you might have the same experience before you learn. That is not wise.