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Gesture Recognition Software program Is usually a Godsend for Specific Education

Gesture Recognition Software program Is usually a Godsend for Specific Education

Indeed, I’ve normally stated that the answer to solving the challenges and price challenges with specific education is usually to leverage our technology towards the maximum. It will be the only way that we will be capable of have one-on-one communication in the classroom for teaching and studying in specific ed. Every year, you’ll find more and more high-tech tools changing the landscape within this sector of education, and it’s great to find out we’re solving all the challenges in quick order. For those who have several moments, I would like to speak to you about all this for any moment.

You see, not long ago, on March 17, 2012, there was a fascinating post the Wall Street Journal by Christopher Shea. The report was titled; “Really Speaking along with your Hands – Oh Yeah,” and the short article stated that; “The deaf and people who have lost their voices may perhaps someday have a new strategy to speak, due to Digital Ventriloquist or DiVA,” as well as the article explained how the computer software performs which permitted folks with “high-tech gloves equipped with sensors and tracked their movements in three-dimensional space,” to work with hand signals, or sign language recognition and then place these words into documents, e-mails, or perhaps text messages.

Several years ago, I was speaking with on the list of lead scientists at one of many largest corporations involved in LED lighting, and he was working with an MIT group developing a particular glove, and I suggested to them that they ought to utilize these LED sensors on gloves, and use that to track the hand motions of men and women, enabling an application to learn how someone moved, which could then plan Avatars, make cartoons, or take a famous actor, and permit him to play components in movies even when he wasn’t there to accomplish the acting for the scene.

We talked about all the potential possibilities for such software utilizing these specific gloves, and one of many issues that I believed was by far the most interesting was of course having the ability to use this software program for unique education, or people who are deaf, anybody who was unable to speak, had severe arthritis, or other challenging handicaps.

It can be my belief that this newest computer software which only takes about 100-hours to train for any unique user would be in a position to do all that and far more. Certainly, I’m impressed and it does take rather a whole lot to impress me as of late, so, I’m giving this a 10 on my 1-10 scale of good technologies for significant education applications. When you have interesting future education technologies out there, please shoot me an e-mail, due to the fact I’d like to talk to you about it, and discuss it at our feel tank. Please look at all this, and consider it.