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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome: Inspirational Man of God

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome: Inspirational Man of God

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome burst onto the scene in 2003 by leading the creation of the first 24-hour Christian satellite network which broadcasts to Africa and around the globe. The Christian Network developed five satellite stations which now broadcasts in the UK, South Africa, Nigeria, Canada, the United States and the satellite networks are expanding and growing day by day. He’s also known as the best-selling author of “Rhapsody of Realities”, recognized as the number one daily devotional and distributed around the world in over 800 languages. The pastor has also written several other books that are focused on spiritual growth, health and healing, and growing one’s faith to establish a stronger connection with Jesus Christ.

Chris Oyakhilome reaches out to millions of people around the world through his highly popular television program “Atmosphere for Miracles” a way to spread the encouraging word of God to healing nations and those in need looking for inspiration and guidance in a complicated world.

The Christ Embassy

The Christ Embassy, headquartered in Lagos, is also known around to its members and followers of Christ as “Love World Incorporated”. The Church’s founding dates back to 1990 when Pastor Chris would lead prayer groups at Edo State University while he was studying architecture. The church now has a presence in 50 different countries around the world and is now home to over one million members. The Church created the Healing School, which had brought healing and relief to many people across the world through the awesome power of Christ when they had been told that there was no help for recovery. The Church also spreads the word of Jesus Christ by offering inspirations books of wisdom from Pastor Chris.

Worship and Communion Service in Zimbabwe

There is certainly excitement in the air with the recent announcement that for the first time Pastor Chris would be arriving in Zimbabwe for a communion and worship service. The Communion and worship event is going to be held on May 7th, 2017 at the National Sports Stadium Harare. A large gathering can be expected to show for this once in a lifetime event. To register for the event, the Christ Embassy asks that all interested parties access the website listed below:

The live event promises to be a night of bliss and excitement as many devoted followers of Jesus Christ will have an opportunity to be inspired, moved, and touched by the word of God. The church and aides that are involved with the event want followers and interested parties to know that this is not merely a money making scheme and have stated that the pastor nor the church will be asking anyone to donate any money during this event.

The purpose of the gathering will be to join hands in unity to bless the Zimbabwe with prayers and positive energy, as well an opportunity for the pastor to shower the country and the people of Zimbabwe with prayers and blessings. The pastor hopes that the event will help guide Zimbabwe through difficult times and such a movement will provide great healing to those in need.