Special Education

Alternative Education Therapies for Children With Autism

(For less complicated reading and flow, I have employed he/him/his throughout this article. These words are interchangeable with she/her)

“That option treatment is unproven by healthcare science. Never waste your money. Wait until the research has been accomplished and published in peer-reviewed health-related journals.” That’s effortless for you never have to reside using a child with autism day soon after day and see him wasting away inside the face of his hidden possible. A child who held the guarantee of getting a typical, intelligent child, who is now trapped beneath the mask of autism. I am talking in regards to the child with autism who can’t communicate. He bites his fingers, bangs his head against the wall, huddles inside the corner of his bedroom covering his head with a blanket and moans, as he tries to shut out frustrating environmental sounds, sights, and smells that he can’t make sense of, or internal sensations and discomfort that he can not communicate. When you try and comfort him, he becomes aggressive. You do not know what to complete. You could only watch because the tears run down your face.

Becoming a parent of a child with autism makes you feel just about every emotion attainable. It’s frightening, disappointing, lonely, and frustrating. You feel angry, trapped, and financially drained. But from time to time it’s humorous, enlightening, and educational. And you will find rare moments if you feel joyous simply because he shows you the ability that you simply never knew he had. You did not teach it to him. It was there all the time – trapped. But because of a so-called unproven treatment, the talent emerged. And you are a single step closer to knowing your child.

Interventions might be educational, behavioral, therapeutic, psychopharmacological, and/or bio-medical. A multi-treatment method is probably …

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